365 Photo Project - Day 37 - Rocky

Day 37 - Rocky

Think about that person in your life that has remained constant, despite distances, despite the fact that you suck at calling them, despite what you may have ever done to hurt them, they stay in your life. This is a person you love and respect, valuing their opinion and accepting their advice as readily as they give it.

For me, that person is Rocky. I've known Rocky since I was a punk 7th grader at Tanglewood Christian Camp, and he was a youth minister from another church. I remember walking the grounds of Tanglewood with Rocky and someone mentioned something about the Brady Bunch, and Rocky yelled "STOP! We're going to have a moment of silence, remembering the legacy of the Brady Bunch and we will end it by singing the theme song." And that's exactly what we did.

And now I have the pleasure of calling Rocky my friend. He's given me advice when I needed it, and rebuke when I needed it. Thank you Rocky, I love you.

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  • Camera: Nikon D5000
  • Lens: 50mm f1.8
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: f2.8
  • Shutter: 1/60 sec
  • ISO: 200