365 Photo Project - Day 35 - Drizzles

Day 35 - Drizzles

One of the first scenes of the movies Zombieland takes place in Garland, Texas. The main character, played by Jesse Eisenberg, makes a quip about Garland already being dead before the zombie apocalypse. He's not far from the truth.

I live very close to Garland, and on my way home I frequently pass through downtown Garland, and despite it being a small, unremarkable, suburb, it certainly has its charms. After having dinner with some friends, on my way home, I drove down Main St. parked on the side of the road, and got out in the cold, extremely windy, rain. I spent all of about 3 minutes before the wind and rain was too much, but I managed to get a photo with which I was pleased.

You can view high resolution images on my flickr.


  • Camera: Nikon D5000
  • Lens: 50mm f1.8
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: f1.8
  • Shutter: 1/400 sec
  • ISO: 800