365 Photo Project - Day 29 - Windy Winding Path

Day 29 - Windy Winding Path

I was really excited this evening to get out near the trails in my neighborhood and photograph the stars over a small pond (a real pond, much bigger than Day 6). Little did I realize how cloudy it was, because what kind of photographer would pay attention to the weather before an outdoor photo shoot. Instead, I decided to drastically over estimate the temperature and put on my shorts and flip flops and head out to the pond anyways. It was about 8:10pm and the moon was high overhead. I was nervous the gusting wind would knock over my tripod, but luckily, my little tripod performed admirably.

I also saw a really cool moon halo that you can see right below.

Despite the cloudy skies, I enjoyed grabbing a long exposure of the pond.

You can view high resolution images on my flickr.


  • Camera: Nikon D5000
  • Lens: Kit 18-55mm
  • Focal Length: 18mm
  • Aperture: f3.5
  • Shutter: 23 sec
  • ISO: 200