365 Photo Project - Day 17 - Powered Lights

Day 17 - Powered Lights

I love star photos, mostly because I love the stars. I can remember getting lost amidst the constellations even at a very young age. I remember taking my first photo of the milky way and how ecstatic I was. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, capturing star photos is difficult in Dallas, due to unpredictable clouds and the fact that I live in an area with some of the worst light pollution. Often times to get a decent exposure I will have to make a composite photo, taking one exposure for the foreground and several more to stack as the background.

Today, I was lucky enough to capture a number of stars in only one exposure. I was driving home from hanging out with a friend when I pulled over near a lake off Highway 66 in Rowlett, Texas into the parking lot of a Japanese restaurant. I had every intent of taking a photo of the other side of the shore with the beautiful lights reflecting off the surface of the lake. When I noticed how many stars were out, I changed my mind. The stars were shining exceptionally bright for a Dallas suburb like tiny little powered lights.

You can view high resolution images on my flickr.


  • Camera: Nikon D5000
  • Lens: 50mm f1.8
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: f1.8
  • Shutter: 8 sec
  • ISO: 200